September 15, 2018

A Smart Way to Add Technology Investment to Your Portfolio

Published in the September 2018 edition of The Investors Voice for the Australian Investors Association

By Bailador founding partner Paul Wilson

WHAT do Uber, AirBnb, Twitter, Workday, and DropBox have in common?

All these companies are valued at more than $10 billion, but were all formed in the last decade.

Technology companies can get very big, very quickly, reflecting the size of the global markets they are addressing and their ability to scale rapidly.

Australian technology companies too have had rapid rises in fortunes with names such as Atlassian, WiseTech, and Appen providing stellar historical returns. Emerging Australian names such as SiteMinder are already world leaders.  These companies are all addressing very large opportunities by utilising technology to provide a more efficient service.

“Australian Technology companies are not restricted to addressing the Australian market.  They can address a global market by the very nature of their products and services, and grow to be very large enterprises.”

Mark Burns, TMT Partners


Naturally, Australian investors want the opportunity of participating in such businesses that have the potential to achieve such phenomenal growth and global reach. Some investors want to diversify their investment portfolios to include technology as an asset class.  But with a number of boom and bust stories emerging, what is a smart way to add some technology exposure to a portfolio?

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