Bailador provides investors with exposure to expansion-stage technology companies with global addressable markets and a high growth trajectory.

Investors get access through an ASX traded share [ASX:BTI].

Why Invest

Find out how Bailador Technology Investments can provide access to high growth, expansion-stage technology companies before they are publicly traded.

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ASX Announcements

A list of all the announcements Bailador has submitted to the ASX since its Initial Public Offering on 21 November 2014, which includes company presentations, annual results, financial reports, monthly NAV calculations, and other ASX press releases. 

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Corporate Governance

Documentation detailing Bailador Technology Investment's corporate governance procedures and guidelines. 

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Bailador Shareholder Update & NTA Report Update

Bailador has released its December 2018 Shareholder Update.

This month's update includes a review of third party transactions across the BTI portfolio demonstrating the portfolio is conservatively valued.

BTI Shareholder Update and NTA Report

BTI Share Price

Click below for the current BTI share price (ASX:BTI) and latest information on trading. 

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