Investment Focus

Bailador invests in businesses within the technology sector that are seeking growth stage investment. Companies we invest in typically share the following characteristics:

  • 2-6 years of operation
  • Run by the Founders
  • Proven business model with attractive KPIs
  • Ability to generate repeat revenue
  • International revenue generation
  • Huge market opportunity
  • Require capital to grasp this opportunity

Important verticals within the technology sector

eCommerce, subscription-based internet businesses, online marketplaces, software, SaaS, high value data, online education, telecommunication applications and services.

Investment Approach

Bailador typically invests $5-20M of equity into an investee company. We target minority investments alongside highly motivated founders and management who have best-in-class technology or business systems. 

The due diligence process takes 4-8 weeks on average and involves financial, technical and legal due diligence. 

A member of our Investment Team will join the Board of investee companies and work actively to support the Founders and help management execute on the growth plan to grasp the exciting opportunity within the market. Bailador will not invest without Board representation. 

Why Partner With Us

The Investment Team has wide-ranging experience, local and international networks, and capability in the internet, media, marketing, and information technology sectors. 

We actively support our portfolio companies in subsequent rounds of funding through are own participation and with introductions to larger international growth expansion funds. We assist in the preparation and management of fundraising, M&A activity and pre-IPO processes. 

Bailador has dedicated resources to help its investee companies become global leaders of their industries.