September 25, 2018

Rezdy brings booking function to Google Maps


Bailador portfolio company Rezdy has announced a new booking capability with Google.

The booking and distribution platform said the partnership can connect the thousands of existing merchants already on Redzy with Google, creating further customer engagement and a new acquisition channel if they are eligible.

But travellers will have to wait to test out this feature, with the initial pilot expected in the coming months.

The partnership will allow travellers seeking out tour and attraction experiences to purchase directly within Google Search, Maps, and the Assistant and pay without entering onto the experiences website directly.

Available products, dates and times will appear in real time using Rezdy’s live availability functionality.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with Google,” said Chris Atkin, Chief Executive Officer, Rezdy.

“We’re able to further expand our customer’s distribution network beyond our already world-class reach and provide them incremental revenue through this new channel.

“In turn, our customers are enabled to provide an enhanced user experience for their end consumers.”

The new partnership is set to decrease the booking journey by up to half, providing a better consumer experience. Greater conversion and booking volumes are expected for onboarded merchants.