October 20, 2022

SiteMinder: What to expect when starting at SiteMinder

Via SiteMinder on LinkedIn

Looking to apply for your dream role at SiteMinder? Meet Anna Podchashynska and Bruno Henrique Dente who recently began their SiteMinder journeys. We asked them to give us an inside look at what to expect when starting out at SiteMinder…

Bruno, Customer Solutions Consultant - Galway Office

I was searching for a company where I could apply all of the knowledge I had but where I could also continue gaining knowledge, enter: SiteMinder. I had friends who worked for SiteMinder and who spoke very highly of the company, singing its praises as a place where growing not only as a team but as an individual was and is always the focus. 

I applied, and after a few interview rounds I got the job! Throughout this process with each interviewer, I had the feeling I was talking to a coworker, which made me feel very comfortable and that I could always do my best. 

The onboarding process ran for two weeks, and was a great opportunity to deep dive into the product offerings, the company's history and its ‘ways of working’. From day  one arriving in the office I felt extremely welcomed and well received by everyone - the team is always willing to help at any time. 

In my first week the team took us out to lunch, which I found amazing because I got to know a little more about  the people outside of the work environment and it helped a lot to break the tension in the first week of the new job.

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If I can give any advice to a potential new employee who stumbles across this blog: 

SiteMinder is a company that cares the most about the wellbeing of its employees that I have seen so far. You should definitely expect to be well received, have a very warm workplace and work  as a team 100% of the time. 

If you give the best you can give, for sure SiteMinder will see your potential because it is a company very open to all people, regardless of anything! When you join the SiteMinder team, you are no longer alone. 

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Anna, HR Business Partner - Sydney Office

At my previous workplace a colleague was leaving to return to SiteMinder and spoke so highly of the people and the work environment. A couple weeks later I saw the ‘HR Business Partner” role open and the job description looked great..so I went for it!. 

Upon applying, the process was swift and smooth, and Cally, our TA lead, provided great support and timely feedback along the way. I had two virtual interviews and the offer came straight after the second interview. I was impressed and thought to myself “they definitely know what they want!”

The two weeks of onboarding was the best experience I’ve ever had! The whole second week was devoted to a deep dive into the product, with all new starters  given the opportunity to get firsthand experience of SiteMinder’s products - a very similar experience to what our customers receive. In my role I don’t have a direct exposure to that usually,  however having the time to understand the product was incredibly useful and important.  

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Straight off the bat, the team was welcoming and friendly! We had a well-structured first day with IT and HR orientation sessions. The nice touch was having lunch together with all the new starters. I had a 1x1 with my manager on my first day, and Dee took me through the most important things I needed to know.

If I can give any advice to a potential new employee who stumbles across this blog: 

People at SiteMinder are the best! And we have lots of fun too. The best advice would be to come as you are, know you’ll be accepted, included and that you’ll belong.





Alvaro Rubio Esteve, Regional Sales Manager - Spain Office

For me, applying for the Regional Sales Manager role at SiteMinder was an easy decision, not only because it is one of the best tech companies, but working in the tourism and hospitality industry is something fantastic. 

From submitting my application through to the onboarding process, every moment was met with inclusivity and openness. The interview process was exceptional, I loved meeting people with such knowledge and passion; people that I have today as colleagues. 

Onboarding was a packed yet rewarding two weeks, where we delved into the industry, the company, what each department is focused on and the welcomed opportunities to think outside the box. Since stepping into my role, the company culture has shined through. Three words i’d describe it as is: 


  1. Inclusive
  2. Fast-paced
  3. Passionate

If I can give any advice to a potential new employee who stumbles across this blog:

If what you are looking for is to grow personally and professionally, surrounded by great professionals with great knowledge and experience, it is the perfect place to be.

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