September 07, 2015

Stackla raises $3 million from Bailador, Rampersand and Tony Faure

by Paul Smith via 

Stackla co-founder and chief executive Damien Mahoney said he believed Bailador would be the ideal partner. 

Bailador poured $2.5 million into the company investment in Stackla, with the remainder of the round made up by earlier backers including startup agency and advisory Rampersand, and former ninemsn and Yahoo! Australia chief executive Tony Faure.

Stackla is a social marketing platform that aggregates comments about a business and enables companies to harvest them for use in marketing.

The company said it was currently generating 60 per cent of its revenue from outside of Australia, with over 250 clients including Qantas, Toyota, McDonald's, NAB, Lenovo, Topshop, Waitrose and Contiki.

Co-Founder and Partner at Bailador Paul Wilson said the investment exposed the fund to a rapidly growing marketing sector and beleived that Stackla had a strong leadership team.

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