March 19, 2024

What’s new in Nosto: Enhanced Klaviyo integration for hyper-personalized shopping experiences across channels


In an ideal world, ecommerce and marketing teams would collaborate seamlessly to create personalized and consistent customer experiences across marketing campaigns and websites. However, disjointed data, tools, and workflows make this challenging. That’s why we launched a new integration with Klaviyo to leverage the preferred technologies of both teams and create the synergies needed to develop smarter online relationships with customers.

Our Klaviyo integration just got smarter

The integration with Klaviyo isn’t new; we’ve long had a powerful integration that allows our shared clients to export Nosto segments to Klaviyo—but we’ve just taken it one step further! Thanks to our latest development, the integration is now bi-directional, allowing the importing of Klaviyo segments and email lists into Nosto. 

And that’s not all! Nosto can also now send search signals, such as website searches or search queries, to Klaviyo. While this can be done irrespective of which search provider a merchant uses, those using Nosto’s Search will benefit from extra capabilities, enabling them to send additional signals like top search results or shoppers’ size and color preferences identified by Nosto.

By integrating Nosto and Klaviyo this way, brands can effortlessly create smarter, hyper-personalized shopping experiences across email, SMS, and online stores, enhancing customer journeys and driving conversions, repeat purchases, and revenue growth.

How it works 

With this one-click integration, brands can enrich Klaviyo’s contacts and segments with Nosto’s search events and segment details, including affinities and behaviors. This enables them to create highly personalized marketing workflows and messages. Simultaneously, merchants can ingest Klaviyo’s email lists and segments into Nosto, tailoring the shopper’s website experience based on the marketing campaigns they’ve interacted with.


“The two-way integration not only allows us to gain even more insight into our Klaviyo segments by enriching them with Nosto’s behavioral data, but it also enhances the customer experience by tying up the customer journey more cohesively. By targeting key Klaviyo segments with hyper-relevant product recommendations on site, we can significantly increase performances and customer satisfaction,” says Lee-Anne Harris, Marketing Director, Savile Row.


Why should you leverage the integration?

Boost engagement on marketing campaigns

With the integration, you can leverage Nosto’s real-time behavioral data, which considers both past and present interactions with your site, to identify and predict affinities and create Klaviyo segments. With better insights into shoppers’ behaviors and preferences, marketing teams can target these highly-focused segments with personalized messages for their email and SMS campaigns through Klaviyo, resonating more deeply and driving click-throughs.

For instance, you could adapt your emails to consider the size preferences of the shopper, thus avoiding any frustrations from encountering products unavailable in their desired size. This approach also helps in projecting a more inclusive brand image and fostering stronger, long-term relationships with clients who feel understood.

Increase conversions on your online store 

You can now import Klaviyo’s email lists and segments into Nosto with just one click. Once imported, you can utilize Nosto tools to build consistent, hyper-focused onsite experiences for your marketing traffic, thereby reducing site exits and boosting sales. For instance, you can resurface email or SMS content, such as VIP promotions, through the likes of onsite banners, top headers, and more, reducing exits and boosting conversions. Additionally, you can have category pages, search results, and product recommendations highlight relevant items within a given marketing campaign, improving the product discovery experience.

For example, Olivela targeted their Klaviyo loyalty members segments with a dedicated top header banner, reminding them to redeem their loyalty points, specifically during the leap year weekend to increase spending. Meanwhile, shoppers not in the loyalty program saw a message promoting enrollment.

“This Klaviyo integration is a great asset in helping us to create seamless personalised experiences and content on our website for our customers based on dynamic Klaviyo customer segments. This really helps to create a consistent experience for our customers across both marketing and on-site,” says Sandra Olayera, Senior Digital Product Manager, Olivela.

Recover potential lost revenue

In addition to this, you can also use Nosto to send search events (from any search provider!) to trigger Klaviyo’s website abandonment flows and re-engage high-intent shoppers who have abandoned their search, enticing them back to the store to finalize their purchase. For example, BOXRAW successfully implemented an abandoned search email presenting relevant personalized product offerings to facilitate the return onsite.

“The new Klaviyo x Nosto integration allows us to track previously untapped user activities, such as abandoned onsite searches, further strengthening our range of website abandonment flows to ultimately get users back to site and convert,” says Nathan Pugsley, Head of Digital, BOXRAW.

Improve synergies between marketing and ecommerce teams

By harmonizing marketing and e-commerce data, tools, and workflows, the integration streamlines daily operations and allows for building smarter digital relationships that enhance customer satisfaction and foster the achievement of marketing and e-commerce goals.