August 03, 2017

SMI gives more detailed cross-platform ad spend and share of voice data


SMI has tripled the number of product categories it reports to give marketers more detailed cross-platform ad spending and share of voice data.

Previously SMI broke down ad spending across broad categories such as automotive, FMCG, retail, food/produce/dairy and other sectors. It will now segment within sectors, such as retail into department stores, office and hardware, chemists, electrical retailers and discount.

Speaking to Campaign Brief, Jane Schulze, SMI’s Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, said: “What we are doing is providing transparency for the first time to marketers".

“We are giving them, we think, the data they need to properly understand what’s going on within their discrete sectors. It’s kind of crazy that in this world of media data – everyone has got consumer data, programmatic overlying data on data, it’s a data world according to all CMOs, they never have enough data, which is ‘how big is my category, how can I know my true share of voice?’.”

SMI will also now show cross-channel expenditure for each media type – TV, radio, out-of-home, newspapers, digital and cinema.

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