March 31, 2016

Washington H Soul Pattinson invests in Bailador

Sydney, Australia – Today Bailador has announced Washington H Soul Pattinson & Company Limited (ASX:SOL)(WHSP) will make a substantial investment in Bailador Technology Investments Limited (ASX:BTI). WHSP, via its subsidiary Pitt Capital Partners Limited, will underwrite up to $20m in option shortfall following the expiry of Bailador options which were issued at IPO. Once exercised, Pitt Capital Partners will be a substantial shareholder in BTI.

David Kirk, BTI Chairman said “WHSP is Australia’s second oldest listed company and Australia’s leading diversified investment house. We are delighted that they have chosen to make a substantial investment in BTI. We see this as a resounding vote of confidence in our investment strategy and recognition of our success to date.”

The WHSP shortfall underwrite is accompanied by a second underwriting agreement with Morgans Corporate Limited for $4.5m in option shortfall.

BTI Options expire at 5pm today, 31st March.

CLICK HERE for the full press release.