Bailador’s Directors Exercise Options

Sydney, AustraliaBailador’s non-executive directors, Andrew Bullock, Sankar Narayan and Heith Mackay-Cruise have each exercised 100,000 Bailador options investing $300,000 in the company.

The investment by the non-executive directors follows the February announcement by the founders, David Kirk and Paul Wilson, that they are exercising all of their options investing a further $5.6m in Bailador.

David Kirk commented, “Like Paul and me, the non-executive directors considered the growth prospects of the Bailador portfolio and the opportunities we have for investing further capital, and considered the opportunity to invest further capital to be compelling.”

Paul Wilson added, “Nothing speaks more strongly than the decision by board members to back their own company with their own money.”

Paul also added “Bailador options are in the money and we’re expecting many option holders will take the opportunity to invest in the high quality, high growth portfolio we have assembled.”

Click Here to read the official press release.

Bailador optionholders have until 31 March to exercise their options. Options can be exercised online at .

For further information call 02 9223 2344 or e-mail

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