Bailador Announces Material Increase in Portfolio Value

Sydney, Australia

Today ASX-listed Bailador Technology Investments (ASX:BTI) released its December month-end portfolio valuation and resulting Net Tangible Asset Backing (NTA) to the ASX.

The NTA of BTI has risen materially to $1.25 per share (pre-tax).

The significant increase in the NTA of the fund is largely a result of increases in the value of BTI’s investment in SiteMinder as a result of a third party investment in the company at a value 45% above BTI’s previous carrying value and a third party investment in Straker Translations at a value 20% above the previous carrying value. Both transactions were announced in December 2015.

Chairman David Kirk commented,

“We are delighted to be able to announce such strong growth in the NTA of the fund.  All the companies in our portfolio continue to perform strongly. This is a clear indication that there is realisation upside in a private equity portfolio of this nature.”

Please CLICK HERE to see the December NTA Report.

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