June 22, 2015

iPRO receives $5.5M of funding from Bailador

Sydney, Australia – Bailador announced in March its first investment since its successful initial public offering on the ASX, of $5.5 million to cloud software provider iPRO. 

"iPRO is a company in the compliance verification space. It's influencing two big trends - the outsourcing of contracted services from big companies and their increased focus on risk management." says David Kirk, one of Bailador's co-founders and ex Fairfax CEO. 

"iPRO automates what has been largely a manual process of verifying that contractors and suppliers to major corporates all have the authorisation needed to provide the services they're providing," Mr Kirk said.

"It clearly had the best technology of anyone in the space and we did due diligence before investing, compared it to other businesses doing similar things and it was way out in front."

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