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DocsCorp is a hybrid desktop/SaaS productivity software that integrates with over 30 document management systems, used by professionals in the Services, Corporate and Government sectors.

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Founded in 2003 by Dean Sappey and Shane Barnett, DocsCorp delivers desktop and cloud-based document productivity software for specialist segments of the USD$30bn+ Enterprise Content Management market. The company’s product suite addresses common productivity problems faced by professionals and not addressed by document management systems.

DocsCorp operates a hybrid desktop/cloud model that matches the needs of their customer base and their preferred operating model. This hybrid model delivers the business a high quality recurring revenue and upfront revenue stream.

After undertaking a comprehensive product revamp DocsCorp employs an open architecture approach. DocsCorp’s product suite, and underlying technology, integrates with over 30 enterprise document management systems and allows 3rd parties to access DocsCorp’s core technology via cloud based API integrations.

DocsCorp recently added cloud delivery capabilities via its collaboration with Microsoft to its product suite which now enables its technology to be used by 300m Microsoft online users and gives the company access to the retail/SME market through the Microsoft Office Addin store, Windows 10 store, and Azure Marketplace.

DocsCorp operates across Asia, Europe and North America with 90 staff members based in offices in Australia, UK, USA, and the Philippines.

DocsCorp Product Overiew


compareDocs is the world's fasted growing document comparison tool. It compares documents with incredible accuracy, reliability and speed across all document types. It compares Word documents, PDF documents and Word to PDF documents for any change or difference. compareDocs integrates with business applications and systems to give unparalleled levels of efficiency in the document comparison process.


pdfDocs is a complete PDF editing, collation and creation tool for document professionals.   It integrates with business processes to enable PDF binder creation, which can contain thousands of documents.  It can operate as the default PDF application for users and provides unsurpassed integration to other core systems such as document management software.


cleanDocs is a metadata security tool that protects organizations from accidental information and metadata leaks.  It operates across desktop and mobile platforms to secure documents when emailed, or shared with others outside the organization.


contentCrawler is an integrated analysis, processing and reporting framework that intelligently assesses documents in a Document Management System for bulk processing.  Its patented technology ensures all documents are searchable via an OCR process, as well as compressing document images for efficient storage and retrieval.

Office locations

Sydney (HQ) (Aus), London (UK), Pittsburgh PA, Portland OR (US) and Manilla (Philippines). 


Shane Barnett

Shane Barnett


Dean Sappey

Dean Sappey

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