November 05, 2020

Stackla Direct Uploader: Collect High Quality UGC Directly From Consumers


When it comes to having an effective user-generated content (UGC) strategy, sometimes you need to go beyond social networks.

For years now, we’ve enabled brands to bypass social networks to get content directly from their audiences through what we’ve called GoConnect. Today, we’re relaunching this powerful tool with an updated user interface (UI), additional functionality and a new name: Direct Uploader.

Why should brands use Direct Uploader?

1. Lower the barriers for content submission

While there are millions of very active social media users across platforms, not everyone is on social networks. Additionally, some active social media users prefer to post only particular kinds of content across their individual social channels (i.e. travel, fitness, food, fashion, etc.). However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these kinds of people don’t want to participate in your UGC campaigns. Direct Uploader gives these people an easy way to submit their high quality UGC directly to your brand without needing to post it to their personal social accounts.

2. Get high resolution image files

One common challenge of UGC campaigns is that visuals from third-party social media channels aren’t always high resolution enough for your brand’s purposes. With Direct Uploader, you can easily get the original high quality image, video, text and audio files directly from your audiences. Once you have these rights-approved high res files, you can use them across everything from ads and web to billboards and print.

3. Capture consumer data

The more information you have about your audiences, the better you’ll be able to personalize your brand experiences for them. Direct Uploader allows you to capture valuable consumer information via customizable information fields and imports that information into your other marketing tools.

4. Ensure legal compliance

While you don’t always need to obtain the rights to UGC in order to display it in specific use cases, it is generally best practices to do so—particularly to keep your legal team happy. With Direct Uploader, you can link to your brand’s specific terms and conditions (T&Cs) and require that users accept them as part of the content submission process.

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