September 22, 2023

Rosterfy Empowers English Heritage with Comprehensive Volunteer Management Software


Rosterfy, a leading provider of volunteer management software, is excited to announce its partnership with English Heritage, the prestigious charity responsible for managing over 400 historic sites and properties across England. 

The collaboration aims to streamline and enhance English Heritage's Volunteer programme through Rosterfy's cutting-edge software solution.

English Heritage recognises the invaluable contributions of its dedicated volunteers who play a vital role in preserving and promoting the nation's rich heritage. As part of its ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional visitor experiences English Heritage sought a robust volunteer management solution to optimise the recruitment scheduling and engagement of its ever-growing volunteer workforce.

By partnering with Rosterfy English Heritage gains access to an intuitive and comprehensive software platform designed specifically for volunteer management. Rosterfy's innovative technology enables organizations to streamline their volunteer operations, cultivate meaningful volunteer experiences and maximise the impact of their programmes.


Here are some key advantages that English Heritage’s volunteer programs will enjoy: 


  1. Volunteer Recruitment and Onboarding: With Rosterfy, English Heritage now has a user-friendly platform to attract screen and onboard volunteers efficiently. With recruitment being such a key challenge for volunteer programmes, their new platform will create the most attractive ‘Digital Front Door’ for welcoming volunteers to their programmes.

    The volunteer management team at English Heritage will benefit from the automated step-by-step journey that Rosterfy takes each volunteer through. The ability to group volunteers by interests, availability, skills and credentials gives a rounded and comprehensive onboarding process that benefits both parties, the volunteers and the coordinating teams.


  1. Event Scheduling and Communication: Now English Heritage can effortlessly organise volunteer shifts, track availability and communicate vital information to volunteers in real-time.

    Rosterfy's automated notifications and communication tools enable seamless collaboration and reduce administrative burdens on staff. These communications can be templated and branded and automated so their team can concentrate on important tasks such as fundraising and making sure each guest has the best possible experience.


  1. Reporting and Analytics: Rosterfy offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities allowing English Heritage to gain valuable insights into the performance of their volunteer programmes.

    This data-driven approach enables informed decision-making and continuous improvement.


Bennett Merriman, CEO of Rosterfy, expressed his excitement about the partnership stating “We are thrilled to be working with such an admired and respected organisation. The English Heritage is a beloved nonprofit in the UK, their commitment to safeguarding and sharing English’s rich heritage requires a great number of volunteers, and we’re incredibly proud to support their efforts, optimise their operations and provide the possible experience with Rosterfy”


Andrew Kennedy, Head of HR and Volunteering at English Heritage commented “We are delighted to partner with Rosterfy, a company that shares our commitment to excellence. With their software’s capabilities we can enhance the way we recruit, manage and engage  our volunteers ensuring they continue to play a crucial role in championing England’s Heritage.”


About English Heritage:

English Heritage is a charitable organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of England's historic sites and properties. With over 400 historic sites across the country English Heritage aims to provide exceptional visitor experiences and enlightenment through the nation's rich heritage. The organization relies on its dedicated and passionate volunteer workforce to help deliver these objectives.