November 01, 2020

Podcast with SiteMinder CEO Sankar Narayan


Sankar Narayan, the CEO of SiteMinder is my guest today and the tapestry of his career is equal parts fascinating and inspiring. Born into the India middle class, Sankar has swung from the branches of a variety of roles across the US and Australiatech scene that have enabled him to bring a unique perspective to his current role. Sankar has become one of Australia’s scale up experts, cutting his teeth at Xero as both he CFO and COO, and now as CEO of SiteMinder, a billion dollar, truly global, fast growing Australian technology success story. From managing founder transition and other stakeholders as a business grows, Sankar gives wonderful insight into not only what it takes to scale the soft skills required as a CEO, but also how he thinks about the vertical Saas playbook and how that is currently playing out at SiteMinder.

SiteMinder has a massive opportunity ahead of it – already the dominant player worldwide and yet hardly penetrated into its market, Sankar’s expertise in scaling both system and processes and cultures will hold the business in great stead on this next stage of its growth journey.

Click here to listen.

Show notes to come.