September 14, 2023

Nosto announces full end-to-end integration with Shopify Markets, giving commerce brands complete control and flexibility over multi-market personalization


The Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) is the first personalization vendor to fully integrate with Shopify’s cross-border management tool, Shopify Markets, giving online brands the power to scale internationally without sacrificing personalized customer experiences

New York, September 14, 2023Nosto, the leading Commerce Experience Platform (CXP), has announced its integration with Shopify’s cross-border management tool, Shopify Markets.

Shopify Markets gives merchants the unique ability to sell to multiple countries all from a single store, localizing storefronts, calculating duties and taxes, automatically updating local pricing, complying with regulations, handling cross-border complexity, and making shipping easier and more cost-effective. 

First personalization solution to integrate with Shopify Markets 

Nosto is the first personalization solution to integrate natively with Shopify Markets, meaning merchants can configure one-to-one shopping experiences across all areas of the commerce experience (search, merchandising, content personalization, product recommendations, dynamic ‘shop the look’ bundles, and user-generated content) for each market they serve–and manage them from a single platform. 

“We’ve been partnering with Nosto to enable businesses to go global. For larger merchants, a seamless integration with Shopify Markets and our ecosystem partners is essential. We are thrilled to announce Nosto now integrates with Shopify Markets, enabling merchants to leverage Nosto’s personalization capabilities to create unique experiences tailored to international buyers. This is a big step forward in helping our shared customers accelerate their international sales growth,” says Rohit Mishra, Director of Product, Shopify Markets. 

Localization challenges for online brands 

Brands that have expanded internationally often face multiple challenges in their quest to build a personalized experience for all their customers. These challenges typically encompass pricing and currencies, localized content, product availability, translations, and multi-market management of reporting and intelligence.

Currency and pricing are often dealt with at a global level, utilizing multiple price points in different currencies or even within the same currency. Employing third-party services for this task frequently leads to issues and inconsistencies when rendering them on results pages, search filters, and product detail pages (PDPs). Challenges also arise when setting up the optimal experience on the site in the backend, especially when considering filtering options and sorting rules.

When it comes to localized content and catalogs, adapting to market-specific trends can be challenging. This includes accounting for seasonal shopping differences in various regions, local holidays, and other region-specific factors.

Translating product data within the same Shopify account can result in limitations, for example with site search functionality. Products may not be found, returned results might be inaccurate, and setting up filters in multiple languages can quickly become a manual and non-scalable process.

In terms of multi-market management of reporting and intelligence, merchants are often unable to obtain market-specific insights, only receiving a broad account overview. This inherently means that leveraging the full power of personalization becomes difficult, demanding substantial manual effort.

Flexibility meets control for multi-market personalization management in a CXP

With Nosto’s native integration with Shopify Markets, brands are able to automatically set up individual commerce experience accounts for each country / language combination, opening the door for market-specific personalization strategies and management for those regions. This has four key benefits for brands. 

Firstly, it means more control. Brands can control what customers see and use the full capabilities of Nosto in all set-up languages. 

Secondly, it gives more detailed intelligence from each market’s personalization strategy. Brands gain access to specific insights into how customers interact with their store and products for each market. 

Thirdly, it provides automated triggering. This means Nosto will feed each account with market-specific product data, including language and price, and trigger the right account depending on the customer’s location and chosen language.

Finally, it gives flexibility. Brands can choose to simply copy over their global personalization campaigns and settings from all CXP modules (Search, Category Merchandising, Product Recommendations, Content Personalzation, Dynamic Bundles, Pop-Ups) to the local markets, start from scratch to build a unique commerce experience tailored for every market, or combine both approaches. 

“Our partnerships with Shopify, and merchants who’ve built their stores on the platform, are some of the most important to us,” says Frank Zimmermann, Global Head of Partnerships at Nosto. 

“The integration with Shopify Markets, and being the first personalization vendor to fully integrate end-to-end, shows our commitment to Shopify merchants looking to grow internationally without sacrificing control over their personalization and commerce experience initiatives in local regions.”   

Full control of multi-market personalization is now a reality for brands leveraging the power of Nosto’s CXP and Shopify Markets.

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