September 30, 2020

Lendi joins hands with comparison website iSelect


The online broking platform has partnered with comparison website iSelect, which will provide iSelect customers access to the platform.

Lendi has announced that it has partnered with iSelect, which will allow the comparison website’s customers access to the Lendi platform to search and compare loan products from a panel of more than 35 lenders and more than 2,500 loan products.

The first phase of the partnership will involve a digital process to provide a customised comparison of relevant products based on the individual’s particular needs and financial goals, rather than only comparing headline rates.

iSelect customers will also be able to complete the entire loan process online through to settlement via the Lendi platform if they wish to do so.

Commenting on the partnership, Lendi chief marketing officer Zara Cobb said: “In Australia, there are thousands of home loan products, and mortgage pricing is not transparent, so finding the best deal is not as simple as comparing advertised rates...

“The strategic partnership allows more Australian customers to stop wasting time and energy comparing products that are unsuited to their needs or for which they don’t qualify... iSelect customers will now be able to compare loan products which are tailored to their individual needs and circumstances thanks to Lendi’s smart technology.”

iSelect chief marketing and commercial officer Warren Hebard said: “Lendi is the ideal business to partner with in order to deliver a market leading end-to-end digital home loan experience for iSelect’s customers.”