July 29, 2021

News.com.au reports on InstantScripts latest funding

Via news.com.au

Many Aussies are paying over the odds for essential medicines and former banker turned GP Dr Asher Freilich is on a mission to change that.

Anyone with even half an eye on their budget knows that the key to saving money is shopping around.

But did you know that in Australia, bargain hunting can even extend to prescriptions?

Although Australia is ranked as the 11th most affordable place to buy common prescription drugs in the world, prices can be vastly different, with some people paying upwards of $10 more for a repeat prescription just because they switched pharmacies.

Healthcare gaps like this, and making access to health care easy for all Australians regardless of location, were the driving force behind Dr Asher Freilich creating online prescription provider InstantScripts.

Dr Freilich, who quit his successful career in investment banker to study medicine and become a doctor, says the first spark of the idea for InstantScripts was ignited while he was working in Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions.

“I’ve always had an interest in how medical and healthcare solutions could be delivered to the public more efficiently and in a more cost-effective way,” he says.

But it was when he was working as a junior doctor and subsequently a GP, that he realised there was an urgent need for something to make healthcare more affordable for all Australians.

“I noticed healthcare gaps and blind spots in our current healthcare system, which often leave vulnerable Australians excluded and unable to receive quality care,” he explains.

“We are becoming increasingly time poor, and I identified a strong need for short, focused healthcare interactions. For example, there are many who need to access prescription medications but cannot access their GP. I wanted to provide Australians with efficient, affordable and above all, accessible, healthcare.”