March 08, 2019

IIR Coverage of Straker Translations in Microcap Newsletter

via Independent Investment Research

Independent Investment Research recently covered Straker Translations in their IIR Microcap Monthly Newsletter.

"Straker Translations Limited (ASX: STG)  reported in its January appendix 4c that it was cashflow positive for the quarter. This is always a big milestone for any microcap stock and a key indicator for me. If the name didn't give it away the company is involved in providing translation services. However, this is not the stuff you can get out of google translate. Straker is dealing with enterprise customers and governments. Think about it, say you are a Spanish food brand expanding into Africa, for example, and you need nutritional information and ingredients and any other regulatory information translated into English, Portuguese, French and Arabic (which would cover most African markets) would you rely on Google translate for that? Similarly, a healthcare company or government department working in India where you are distributing basic medicines or healthcare services and you need a leaflet with instructions printed into say Bengali and Hindi well this is where Straker comes in. With the advent of AI and machine learning, they can speed up translations through their Ray software platform and keep the costs down by only engaging freelance translators at to review and correct linguistic nuances at the end. As global commerce continues to operate more on a global scale the need for translation services for companies products, services and customers should provide a nice tailwind to Straker's business. At this point in its development, it looks interesting."


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