May 02, 2018

DocsCorp to unveil new integrations with iManage Work 10 at ConnectLive 2018


DocsCorp announced it will unveil new integrations with iManage Work 10 at iManage ConnectLive 2018 in New York and London.

DocsCorp has been at the forefront of building integrations with the iManage 10 platform and will showcase its latest integrations built for the newest version of iManage Work 10 across cloud and on-premises environments.

These new integrations will make their debut across multiple sessions at both events.

DocsCorp Demos - iManage ConnectLive 2018

DocsCorp President and Co-Founder Dean Sappey and senior members of the Sales leadership team will be demonstrating key integration points during ConnectLive 2018, including:

  • compareDocs cloud embedded inside the browser to support iManage Work on desktop and mobile devices with no locally installed software
  • compareDocs embedded with iManage Work 10 for Office 365 and iManage Mobility products
  • pdfDocs, a market leading PDF editing application, integrated with iManage 10.2 in the iManage Cloud
  • A roadmap for further integrations scheduled for release alongside iManage Work 10.2 and higher

Dean Sappey said "DocsCorp has been working very closely with iManage R&D to provide the most comprehensively integrated solutions on the market. We are proud to empower iManage users to adopt the iManage 10 platform quickly for better user productivity and user experience, without compromising on integration with market leading document comparison, PDF editing and metadata cleaning products."

iManage Vice President, Business and Corporate Development, Sandeep Joshi said "With the award-winning iManage Work 10 platform, customers can reduce operating costs, improve professional productivity and enable professionals to be more responsive to their clients. Seamless integration with DocsCorp products is a key enabler to firms who want to gain a competitive advantage by adopting the latest solutions. DocsCorp is a key iManage partner and we are excited to work with them to bring innovative solutions to our joint customers."