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Stackla is a social marketing platform that aggregates user-generated content (“UGC”), curates its display and integrates at various touch points within the marketing stack.

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Stackla aggregates UGC from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Wordpress. It provides marketing teams with an exceptional UI to curate and design, through manual or automated moderation tools, how their UGC is displayed throughout their website, and how this content is integrated with other parts of the marketing tech stack (e.g. CMS, CRM, email, social media management). Stackla provides tools for UGC to be categorised (e.g. grouped by themes, products, regions, events) and intelligently tagged and filtered. 

Stackla offers two means of obtaining rights for use from the content generator: rights response and rights management. Companies have the flexibility to attach their own T&Cs, privacy policies or any other document through this process, which can also be automated. 

The most common uses of UGC today, powered by Stackla, are: Social Hubs, Social eCommerce, Live Events, Competitions, Social Advertising, Data Visualisations, though the use cases are rapidly expanding. 


Co-founders Damien Mahoney and Peter Cassidy founded Stackla in Sydney in 2012. The two were running a digital consultancy for professional sports teams, Pillar Digital, and sought to develop a means of generating inexpensive, and relevant, content for their clients. As web audiences were being cannibalised by social networks, Damien and Peter set themselves the goal of deriving value from social engagement. 

Stackla began as a point solution, largely campaign-based, however quickly evolved with the market and exponential increase in the volume of social content generated online to become a widespread-use platform that is a critical component of a company's marketing platform. 

Key Metrics

  • AAR year-on-year growth of 260%
  • More than 60% of FY15 revenue generated from outside Australia 

Office Locations

San Francisco (HQ), New York, and Dallas, United States; Sydney and Melbourne, Australia; London, United Kingdom.


Damien Mahoney, CEO

Damien Mahoney, CEO


Peter Cassidy, CPO

Peter Cassidy, CPO

Bailador Shareholder Update & NTA Report Update

Bailador has released its August 2018 Shareholder Update. Highlights include

  • NTA per share (pre tax) increase of 4c per share
  • Instaclustr value increased 58% ($5.3m) to $14.6m
  • Instaclustr (BTI Invested in Nov 16) currently held at 3.25x investment cost

BTI Shareholder Update and NTA Report

Bailador Annual General Meeting 23 October 2018

Bailador is holding its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 23 October at 11:00am at the offices of Hall Chadwick at Level 40, 2 Park Street Sydney.

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