December 13, 2021

SiteMinder’s Chief Product Officer named one of The Top 20 Female Cloud Leaders by The Sociable


Women in the cloud are some of the most resilient pioneers in the business landscape today. Although 40% of all new businesses are women-owned, only 5% of tech startups are owned by women. This shows a need for better integration of female leaders in tech, but also further incorporation of the female population in the cloud—as Gartner predicts that worldwide public cloud revenue will grow by 23% in 2021 for a total revenue close to $332.2 billion.

Bridging the gender gap first originates from the implementation of more educational opportunities for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), but can also be encouraged by the showcasing of trailblazing women in this industry today. Let’s take a look at some of the fearless female leaders who are currently making waves in the cloud marketplace in 2021.

Inga Latham, SiteMinder

Inga Latham brings a diverse and longstanding wealth of digital business expertise to her role as Chief Product Officer of SiteMinder, an Australia-based company that provides cloud-based software to the travel and hospitality industry. Leading a global team of more than 70 professionals across product and design, Latham’s team creates unique experiences for its clients.

With a BA in English, German, and politics from the University of Cape Town, Latham first started as a journalist—stumbling upon user experience and product management in the early years of the dot-com boom in London. She has extensive experience working with multi-faceted teams in fast-moving and challenging environments and specializes in defining product strategy, implementation, product launch, and optimization programs for complex, content-rich, transactional websites.

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