August 01, 2019

SiteMinder CEO Sankar Narayan writes for Forbes


What's In A Company's Self-Confidence?

We’ve all had dark times in our careers. When the best-laid plans fail and we can no longer see a positive outcome, we find ourselves digging deep for self-belief to find our way out.

Companies, even those in the tech industry, are no different. Once you strip down the walls and desks, companies are simply a representation of humanity, with individual and collective ambitions, fears, joys and doubts.

I’ve been in changing environments my entire working life. From the launch of digital paid TV to an entire nation, digital disruption in traditional media, a fight for survival with an entrenched incumbent and the pioneering of SaaS in SME accounting, I’ve experienced changes of epic proportions and observed their impact on the social fabric of companies that had previously only known peacetime.

I’ve seen and felt organizations with focused energy. I’ve also been there at their most uncertain hour, when they're battling to stay alive while dealing with their employees' apprehension.

If there’s such a thing as theoretical best practices in forging confidence, I don’t know them. What I do know is that, through all of the changes I’ve ever been through, corporate confidence, even if it is quiet, lies at the root of significant achievements. This starts with those in the driver’s seat.

As a leader, you’re responsible for carrying your company with the same confidence you want your employees to hold. When you believe together, you can achieve far more than you set out to, and that’s exactly what confident companies do.