February 28, 2020

Paul Wilson on the Equity Mates Investing Podcast

Via equitymates.com

Expert Investor: Paul Wilson – Finding Gems Of Australian Technology

We loved this conversation with Paul Wilson, exploring the Australian Venture Capital scene, and his listed-investment company, Bailador.

Paul has had extensive private equity investment experience as a Director of CHAMP Private Equity in Sydney and New York, with MetLife in London, and as Executive Director at media focused investment group, Illyria Pty Ltd (private investment company of Lachlan Murdoch). Paul is co-founder and partner of Bailador – specialist investor in IT and Media. Paul is also Director of SiteMinder, Straker Translations, Stackla, the Rajasthan Royals IPL cricket franchise, and ASX listed Vita Group Limited.

In this conversation we explore:

Paul’s personal background, including how he became to be a Director of the Rajastan Royals IPL team

  • The difference between venture capital and private equity
  • What ‘growth-stage investment’ means
  • The process Paul goes through at Bailador to find some of Australia’s best technology companies
  • The dynamic of being a publicly-traded VC
  • Some of the major success stories of Bailador
  • Trends in the VC industry
  • Plus much much more