July 08, 2020

New features and Dutch language translation are now available in compareDocs and cleanDocs

Via docscorp.com

Today we announced our document comparison software, compareDocs, and email security application, cleanDocs, are now available in Dutch. This is the fourth language to be offered as an out-of-the-box option for users; existing options are French, Spanish, and German. Existing users who would like to use the Dutch version of the applications just need to update their software version to compareDocs 4.3 U5 or later, and cleanDocs 2.7.

Leading Dutch law firm Van Doorne uses both cleanDocs and compareDocs. "Even without the Dutch localization," explained Manager Support & Innovation, Peter Piepers, "these applications have added a lot of value to routine processes at the firm. Working accurately and securely is important when you're dealing with clients' sensitive or personal information. It's a bonus that now our staff can interact and use this technology in the language they are most comfortable with."

Recent updates to both applications have also introduced major new features designed to maximize efficiency and security, including an alert for improper PDF redaction and a new, easy-to-read PowerPoint comparison report.

Improper PDF redaction detection in cleanDocs 2.6 and later

This feature detects and alerts users to the possibility of improper redactions in the PDF document they are about to email so that they can take corrective action. cleanDocs is now the only product on the market to protect users from improper redaction for both Microsoft Office and PDF documents. The failure to redact information correctly can expose confidential client or business information to the public. Over the past ten years, there have been some spectacular redaction fiascos revealing national security secrets, business deals, and everything in between.

New side-by-side PowerPoint comparison report in compareDocs 4.4

A new PowerPoint comparison report is now available in compareDocs. Users can view changes in an easy-to-read PDF report showing matched slides side-by-side, along with a table detailing all identified changes. It is a clear and intuitive way to review presentations that are worked on or edited by multiple authors.