August 18, 2017

SMI’s new Competitive Media Type

via SMI Australia

Bailador portfolio company SMI has evolved its advertising expenditure data reporting to ensure Digital revenues for websites that compete or complement traditional media are shown alongside, providing a more realistic picture of the market landscape.

The change has been made with the introduction this week of a new data dimension called Competitive Media Type, which enables SMI subscribers to easily see the combined spend for traditional and digital media in the one view.


This `combined' view is also available for all major Product Categories so advertisers can also see to what degree their immediate competitive market is using websites aligned to traditional media.

SMI AU/NZ Managing Director Jane Schulze said the the new data point made it easier for subscribers to view the market in a more realistic way. ``The old media `silos' of pure Newspaper or Radio ad spend figures are becoming redundant with many of our traditional media companies among the country's largest Digital publishers,'' she said.

She said the database still provided the option to view ad spend data by the `old' media types, but SMI now recommends the use of the Competitive Media Type to gain a more informed picture of the market.