May 29, 2017

DocsCorp presents iManage integration at ConnectLive Chicago

Chicago - USA

DocsCorp showcased its new integration of compareDocs, cleanDocs, and contentCrawler with iManage Work 10 at iManage ConnectLive in Chicago on 24/25th May 2017.

Attendees at iManage ConnectLive Chicago previewed DocsCorp’s new Smart Integration, seeing how it works within iManage to automatically determine whether to connect to the DocsCorp cloud or Desktop product version. For example, users select the same ‘Compare’ command in iManage Work 10, and Smart Integration automatically chooses compareDocs cloud on a tablet device, and compareDocs Desktop on a Windows Desktop. This supports the end user while in the office and when mobile.

DocsCorp President and Co-founder Dean Sappey, said:  “DocsCorp is proud to provide its technologies to over 700 iManage customers worldwide either directly or via the iManage partner community. We are particularly excited to be working with iManage at this time, as they prepare to roll out what is the most significant update to their document and email management application in 10 years.”

Highlights of the iManage ConnectLive user conference can be found HERE.

For the full DocsCorp release on its iManage Work 10 integration, CLICK HERE.