A tipping point in allocating to the IT sector - don’t be left behind.

by Boyd Peters, via LinkedIn Pulse. 

Information Technology companies now comprise 20% of the S&P500 -that is larger than all other sectors including Financials (17%). Obtaining exposure to this sector is not about getting ahead of the curve- this is catching up.

I have spent the last few weeks on the road with Bailador (ASX: BTI). Bailador is a Listed Investment Company that invests in businesses within the technology sector that are seeking growth stage investment. [Think eCommerce, subscription-based internet businesses, online marketplaces, software, SaaS, high value data, online education, telecommunication applications and services etc.]


There is no question a tipping point in allocating to the IT sector is happening, if not occurred, and investors will find more exposure to IT in their portfolios. It's just a matter of how they obtain the exposure and where they will invest across the various stages of development (ie Start Up, Early Stage, Expansion stage, IPO and Listed).

Companies like Bailador, which enable retail investors to invest alongside Silicon Valley and other Expansion Stage investors, will be beneficiaries of these allocations. 

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