The New Rock Stars?

By Tony Featherstone in Listed@ASX Winter 2016 edition

More technology companies are expected to list on ASX in the next few years as the sector rapidly expands. So too could funds that invest in tech ventures, judging by Bailador Investment Technology's early success as a Listed Investment Company (LIC).

Co-led by David Kirk, the former Fairfax Media CEO and All Blacks rugby captain, Bailador joined ASX through an initial public offering (IPO) in November 2014. It is the only tech-focused LIC and one of few that invest in private companies.

Bailador is part of an unfolding LIC boom that has seen some of the market's best-known funds managers launch listed funds in the past two years.

"We felt very confident in the decision to structure Bailador as a LIC and list it on ASX," says Kirk, who manages Bailador with co-founder Paul Wilson. "The ASX platform was an opportunity to target SMSFs and other high net worth investors, and give them access to private tech companies the expansion phase, something that has traditionally been hard for retail investors to achieve".

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