August 09, 2017

Stackla for Good initiative helps non-profits access UGC


Bailador portfolio company Stackla has launched a new programme to help nonprofits engage with supporters through user generated content.

Stackla For Good aims to empower nonprofit organisations facing similar marketing challenges to commercial global brands but with fewer resources to tackle them.

Stackla's platform will be offered to eligible organisations at a reduced rate, and 10% of Stackla For Good proceeds will be donated to charities.

Damien Mahoney, Stackla's CEO and co-founder, said: “Everyday our UGC platform helps organizations connect with people in real, engaging ways that cultivate communities, launch movements and promote action. With the Stackla For Good program, we’re expanding the scope of what’s possible, making our technology more accessible for those who need it most – where it can help power outreach, promote advocate stories and affect significant change.”

Stackla already works with non-profit organisations including The British Heart Foundation, and Michelle Obama's Better Make Room campaign.

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