Evolving API in an Evolving Business

by Cameron Curach via www.strakertranslations.com

What makes Straker Translations a unique value proposition is that we have a dedicated API developer team on site to ensure that our API and online assets are optimized to assist us in our work.

Our API adjusts with our needs to ensure that we can meet client demand as effectively as possible. It has gone through several evolutionary stages to meet the ever-changing demands of the market:

  • Rapid improvements to our translation workbench; originally we were only able to upload Word files to our translation workbench, now we can accept almost every file type – allowing us to diversify the types of products we can guarantee a quick and smooth translation on.
  • Integrating features such as translation glossaries and memory matches give us the ability to better accommodate long term clients. We are able to provide lower prices due to the resources we have accumulated over time with the translation work we have done for them.

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